Industry-leading talent and a commitment to excellence

Silver Heights Development hand selected the visionary development team behind The Residences at Forty-Two Forest Street to include some of the most sought-after names in the industry. Relying on its real estate knowledge and experience, Silver Heights Development identified the opportunity for the downtown luxury development and carefully managed the project to bring every small detail of The Residences at Forty-Two Forest Street to full fruition.

For The Residences at Forty-Two Forest Street, Fletcher Development applied their extensive experience and discerning eye to build custom bespoke residences, working with a team of craftsmen to furnish the homes with tailor-made finishes. Recognized by Connecticut’s most prestigious awards program, HBRA, Fletcher Development is proud to be joined for this project by fellow HOBI award winner, Silver Heights Development and Beinfield Architects.

Beinfield Architecture has built an idea-driven architectural practice whose work is inspired by place, culture, and history. They are dedicated to solving architectural problems innovatively with environmentally sustainable solutions that are expressive of structure, and program. Their work for The Residences at Forty-Two Forest Street is responsive and imaginative, modern, yet respectful of tradition and context.

Allie Wood Design Studio is a national company with a clientele on every coast – with more than 10 years of experience providing an original point of view with a concentration in sophisticated and unexpected luxury design. At The Residences at Forty-Two Forest Street, Allie Wood Design Studio created spaces offering deliberate, thoughtful atmosphere that satisfies the needs of the modern environment and provides comfort and artistry to the modern living experience.

Distinguished Luxury in the
Heart of New Canaan